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Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar (WrestleMania 33) Review

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar (WrestleMania 33)

I was going to watch this match again anyway and thought I may as well review it too whilst I have time.

This all started out with all sorts of rumours over last summer about Goldberg potentially returning to WWE and possibly facing Brock Lesnar. Both of them were asked at various points about a potential match, with both of them working the people with hints and jabs that would indicate something may well be happening.

Then, after all the hype and rumours


It was a moment that I honestly believed would never happen. With Goldberg's age and his strained relationship over the years with the company, I didn't think we'd see him in the ring ever again TBH. But he came back and cut one of the most believable, emotional promos you could get and got the fans behind him straight off the bat.

Oh, and Brock Lesnar

The match was set for the upcoming Survivor Series. The build up also featured on of the best segments in the last few years on Raw;

Goldberg's intensity was fucking amazing here. Don't give a shit how old the fucker is, this is something you can't teach, he's just got that believability that adds so much to something like this. He also looked fantastic too, in great shape for someone who came back on really short notice and had double knee surgery not long before coming back, too.

And then the match happened.

Perfect Spear. Perfect Jackhammer.

86 FUCKING SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!

86 FUCKING SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!

86 FUCKING SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!


86 FUCKING SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!

A result that hardly anyone could see coming and definitely not in this fashion. Goldberg didn't just beat Lesnar, he SQUASHED Lesnar. An incredible moment that evoked responses that harked back to the streak ending.

I'll skip ahead to the match now. Goldberg was coming in as Universal Champion. This decision made a section of fans turn on Goldberg because he bat a current favourite; Kevin Owens. Owens was on a pretty shitty title reign that lasted for around 6 months before Goldberg squashed him too. Now, I like Owens and I'm not 100% behind the decision to put the belt on Goldberg. His match with Lesnar at WM was already as big as it could be, but they obviously felt they needed to try and add some big name value to the new belt, so Goldberg got a short title run and the long plan was to give it Lesnar.

I have to say though, it was still surreal to see Goldberg with a WWE title again, even though it was the UT.

So, the rematch was set. Beforehand, the match was already getting shit on from all corners. TWO OLD BASTARDS THAT SPAM 2 MOVES, CAN'T WRESTLE, MATCH WILL BE COMPLETE SHIT, THIS SHIT CAN'T FUCKING MAIN EVENT

Well, the match certainly shut people up and here is why:

Lesnar is out first and I always liked it when he wears his beany hat. We are also reminded just how long the WrestleMania 33 ramp is

Goldberg is out next. Bill Goldberg, at WrestleMania, as champion. Damn, never though I'd see the day. He also looks even better than he did at Survivor Series, bulking up to look like Goldberg. Certainly did the trick, he looks fantastic.

First we get the introductions. Just as Jo Jo goes to introduce Lesnar, Heyman takes the mic and does it himself. Which gets a pop from the crowd. Goldberg though gets some boos as he's introduced. Oh well. We'll see if that holds up, here we go.

Both square off and Goldberg goes straight for Brock for a lock up, but Lesnar quickly reverses it and starts to send Goldberg to

Lesnar follows the first one up with another, then another.


Brock, gets up, proud at what he's just done, but just as he starts to turn around towards Goldberg


The camera angle on this shot is fucking fantastic too. You don't see Goldberg pop up and run at Brock, so the surprise element is all there. For once, the camera director actually did a great job here.

Goldberg gets up and starts readying himself, waiting for Lesnar to get back up again. As soon as Brock does, another DEVISTATING


Two spears to Brock

Think we all know what's coming up now.


But Brock very wisely rolls out of the ring. Goldberg though, doesn't wait around and follows him outside. Lesnar is trying to get himself together by the barricade, just as Goldberg is stalking him from the opposite side, like a hunter after his prey.

Goldberg waits for Lesnar to get back up and RUNS STRAIGHT FOR HIM

SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THROUGH THE FUCKING BARRICADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was mightily impressive though. Big crowd pop for this. Goldberg was lucky it didn't take his bloody ear off looking at the bump he also took TBH. Must have really felt it going through like that.

Crowd definitely needed this and are fully behind the match. Funny how it all works.

Goldberg gets Lesnar immediately back to his feet on the outside, fives him a knee to the gut and drags him back inside the ring.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLDBERG chant starts up in the crowd.

Goldberg knows this is his big chance to finish Lesnar off now, three spears and now he's looking for his other devastating patented move. The move nobody has ever kicked out of (well ok, Hogan did technically, but he wasn't supposed to but fuck I'm not going into all of that now). Nobody has ever kicked out of it; OK????

He puts Lesnar into position.


Just as he's about to get Lesnar up, Brock reverses it and gets Goldberg into position for the F5.....................But Goldberg counters that and delivers ANOTHER


To Lesnar.

Are you fucking kidding me?????!!!!!!!

Goldberg again signals for the JACKHAMMMMMMMMMMMMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, he gets Lesnar into position. Could this be it?


I love that little detail of Goldberg doing the throat slash beforehand too. He pins Brock, well this is it.

Well this is it, Goldberg is going to retain. He's hit 4 fucking SPEARS and the damn JACKHAMMER for crying out loud.


BROCK KICKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! BROCK KICKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! BROCK KICKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! BROCK KICKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! BROCK KICKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Goldberg is shocked to fuck.


He gets right back up, goes into the corner and readies himself for seemingly another spear attempt.


Goldberg waits patiently for Lesnar to get back up again.

Heyman is screaming at Brock “He's in position again”. He knows another spear and surely that would be that.

Lesnar gets back up, Goldberg runs straight for him................BUT




This guy is nearly 300lbs FFS. It's NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

That sends Goldberg crashing head first into the corner.

The crowd are like “WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED”?

Lesnar picks Goldberg up and now it's the real time for some SUPLEX CITY BITCH.

He delivers a FIFTH............THEN A SIXTH

Crowd also fully counting these too


Lesnar gets up, looks around and sees the crowd ALL CHANTING FOR A TENTH GERMAN SUPLEX TO BE HIT

So Brock fully obliges


Lesnar stand over Goldberg, waiting for him to get back to his feet. As he does, Brock picks him up into the F5



Brock even gives a fan a nice little fist bump on his way out

Wow. What a spectacle.

Where to really start. Going in, most people were totally shitting on this whole match and were expecting them to stink out the place, as they did at WM20, probably worse being as it was 13 years later. Even I was wondering just what they were going to come up with TBH, as it couldn't be another squash like SS, this is WM after all. I was thinking of a brawl to cover any limitations Goldberg may have. But what we got was FUCKING AMAZING. I still cannot believe how perfectly they booked this match, I mean, I would live to know who was the agent for this, if there was one, because they got it spot on.

It's as simple of a match structure as you like, but this is pretty much exactly how it should have been booked. Just let them go out there, hit all there big moves, try and get the crowd going and make it into a spectacle, and they succeeded on all of those fronts and more.

That first spear was spectacular and like I said in the review, the camera angle was so perfect for that. The fucking leapfrog from Lesnar was a total WHAT THE FUCK moment too, as was the spear through the barricade. I also didn't really expect Goldberg to take (m)any suplexes TBH, let alone 10!!!

The crowd were not the best all night, barring the ladder match and this match followed the God awful Wyatt/Orton match and at the start of Brock/Goldberg they were all wondering what was going to happen, but fuck they soon woke up and this match ended up getting one of the biggest reactions and was a big highlight of the whole event. I love the crowd's reaction to Brock's leap and they were all 'Yessing' the suplexes. You see, as maligned as that whole stick is, the crowds still get behind it and chant along at all the suplexes.

The one thing I would change and yes I know it's nitpicking something as great as this, but I would personally have had Goldberg kick out of the F5. Yes I know they may be trying to go back to telling the story of it only takes one F5 to stop people again, but after what Lesnar took, including by the way the fucking JACKHAMMER, I would have had Goldberg survive the F5, then have Lesnar flip out for a moment and then have to hit another one to finish him off. It's only a minor thing as I adore this match.

Lesnar beat Goldberg clean as a whistle too. That needs to be said more.



Well that was longer than I planned lol.

Thanks for reading.

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Brock Lesnar vs John Cena (WWE Extreme Rules 2012) Review

Brock Lesnar vs John Cena (WWE Extreme Rules 2012)

So, it's been a while since I have actually watched this TBH. We all know how great it is and we all know how frustrating it is once it's all over. So I'm looking forward to seeing one of the definitive Brock Lesnar performances.

First, we had Brock's MOMENTUS RETURN on Raw:

That fucking pop

Best wishes to John Cena's hat

I remember at the time, it wasn't that long since I came back to watching wrestling after a hiatus and there were rumours that Lesnar would be at Wrestlemania 28. I was giddy in my excitement at the sheer prospect of his return that I wasn't sure it would turn out to be true. But it was and it was glorious.

Then the main build up was one of the best in recent times IMO. Yes, we had that really long Lesnar promo about his feelings on Raw, that was totally out of his comfort zone that he apparently got straight on the phone to Heyman and told him to get himself a deal with WWE, ASAP.

But we got the wonderful brawl on Raw between Cena/Brock that ended up with Cena getting bust the fuck open.

We also got the first of the Brock sit down interviews;

“I'm not a superstar, I'm an ass-kicker”

Set the whole tone perfectly for the 'Extreme Rules match at the next PPV. Yes, we didn't have to wait long.

Cena was in for the match of his life. Would he survive? Could he survive?

So, here we go.

Weird looking back now seeing Brock come out without Heyman by his side. He's also rocking his UFC sponsors all over his shorts lol.

Cena comes down with a chain/padlock around his neck,

Someone say THUGANOMICS???

Wonder if that'll come into play later on.

Hot crowd and obvious big fight feel to this one. Huge anticipation.

The bell rings and Cena runs straight for Brock, but gets took down immediately and Lesnar starts the ground and pound with HUGE nasty elbows to the skull of Cena. He then nails Cena with one hell of a stiff clothesline (this is something else we hardly see him do now tbh)

OUCH, We can already see where this one is going.

Ref is already checking on Cena and Lesnar doesn't give a shit and is just like “Come on, get up”.

Cena is up and manages to get a grip of Brock from behind and takes him down, but Lesnar quickly takes control again and starts lamping Cena with strike after strike to the head. The ref intervenes again to check on the now open wound on Cena.



Here comes the WWE doctor to help clean up the blood gushing from Cena. Lesnar of course couldn't give a fuck and smirks away whilst pointing and mocking at how this happened.

As soon as the doctor is finished with Cena, Cena gets straight back up and again runs at Lesnar, but is again taken straight down and Brock just continues to hammer away at Cena's head. Brock just will not stop and delivers a vicious knee into the midriff of Cena, before kicking him out the ring. Cena is slowly getting back up with the help of the referee, but Lesnar is just standing in the ring, mocking Cena with a 'Come on' gesture. Cena manages to roll back into the ring, but his head is gushing a lot of blood still, so the doctor has to come in again a tend to the open wound.

Cena just gets back to his feet as Lesnar comes running straight at him, but Cena manages to catch him with an elbow and gets him up for a possible AA. Lesnar reverses this and delivers two German Suplexes to Cena to remain in full control.

Lesnar tries again for another Suplex, but Cena starts fighting back with some elbows to the head of Brock. He manages to break free and runs off the ropes towards Brock, but as he hits Brock, he also hits poor Charles Robinson, too.

REF BUMP ~!!!!!

Cena takes this opportunity to again run off the ropes towards Lesnar, but Lesnar is back up and hits Cena with a shoulder barge.

Just as Cena starts to get a little bit of momentum, Brock just says “I don't fucking think so”, and he's cut straight off.

Lesnar lands another stiff punch to Cena's head, right on the wound.

THIS ISN'T PG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brock again hits Cena with another hard club to the head. He then wipes the blood onto his chest and licks it


Cena goes to the corner, seemingly for the chain, but Lesnar catches him with a blow to the kidney. He then hits him with a couple of his patented shoulder slams. Cena is really hurting now, but of course Brock doesn't let up and we see the WWE debut of the KIMURA LOCK. The ref is knocked out, so Brock can apply this painful hold for as long as he likes. Lesnar finally releases the hold by throwing Cena shoulder first into the turnbuckle, sending Cena out of the ring.

See, it's subtle psychology that can makes all the difference.

Lesnar just starts doing his dance in the ring, soaking up all the heat from the crowd. Lesnar goes to the outside and reapplies the Kimura briefly, before sending Cena flying into the barricade. He then flings Cena back into the ring. Just before Lesnar re-enters the ring himself though, he notices that chain that Cena bought in with him.


Brock wraps the chain around his right hand, before thinking “I don;t need this, yet” and abandoning it and kicking Cena instead. He follows this up with another hard, vicious, nasty knee strike into the gut of Cena. Lesnar then wraps the chain around the legs of Cena and tells him to “Get up”

Cena eventually does get up, but Brock runs him over straight over flat, with another big ass clothesline.

Lesnar then picks Cena up and dumps him upside down over the turnbuckle, with Cena's legs still tied up with his own chain.

Cena is just defenceless, tied up and helpless, as Lesnar mocks him and starts clubbing away with big blows to the head. Lesnar goes back to Cena's bad arm and starts slamming into into the ring. He lets Cena loose by dumping him on his ass, before going over to the referee, who is still flat out on the outside. But he notices Cena is getting back up, so he goes over first and kicks him in the gut, but Cena starts to fight back with some rights of his own, but again is quickly cut off by Brock and is sent crashing into the steel steps.

John just can't catch a break atm

Brock then goes back to 'check' on the referee. He goes over and


LEGIT ONE OF THE GREATEST SIGHTS IN THIS DAMN COMPANY, OR ANY. I just love how casually Lesnar does it, too.

Well, that should finally wake the ref back up. Brock goes over to make sure he's still compos mentis, before going back to target Cena, who is just crawling back into the ring. Cena tries to pick the chain up, but Lesnar quickly grabs it and throws it to one side. Cena gets back to his feet and picks ;Lesnar up for another AA attempt..........but Brock reverses it again and goes for the F5. Just as Cena is coming down, he inadvertently kicks the ref down again

REF BUMP NUMBER 2 ~!!! Poor Little Naitch.

Lesnar, not realising the ref is bloody down AGAIN, goes for the pin. Another ref comes running down just in time for the count.

1,.2.............................2.9. CENA KICKS OUT!!!!!! Big pop from the crowd for this, they are warming to Johnny boy, here.

Brock gets up and looks at the new ref like “THAT WAS A FUCKING 2??” A pissed off Lesnar gives the ref a clothesline from hell and kicks him out the ring.

Lesnar is now like “WHAT THE FUCK CAN I DO NEXT?”. So he goes outside and gets the steel steps and brings them into the middle of the ring. Oh, and more officials come to ringside now so we should be ok for refs, now


Lesnar then gets onto the steps and poses likes he's the king. Well, he is at this minute.

Cena then does a very defiant “You can't see me” mock to Lesnar and starts firing rights at Brock, but Brock cuts him off with a knee and puts Cena right back into the Kimura Lock..............this time whilst on the steel steps. Cena is screaming in agony here as Lesnar strongly applies the hold and he just won't let go and there is no ref around to stop it.

A loud 'Let's go Cena – Cena sucks' chant starts up as they are again coming around to supporting him here.

Cena manages to sum up the strength to pick Lesnar up and dump him right onto the top of the steps to finally break the hold. Cena's arm looks like it's about to fall off here as he gingerly goes up to the top turnbuckle as Lesnar is sprawled out on the steps. He flies off the ropes with a leg drop, but Lesnar is wise to this and moves out of the way and Cena falls flat on his ass instead. Cena is hurt as he rolls out the ring to try and get some rest and halt this onslaught. Brock is just getting back up and is looking around, wondering where his prey, I mean Cena, has gotten to. Brock stand up on top of the steps to scout for Cena and sees him just getting back up on the outside.

Lesnar starts dancing and mocking Cena as he slowly watches Cena get back up onto the ring apron. Brock then runs off the ropes, off of the top of the steps, and flies straight for Cena..........but he misses and he goes flying over the ropes and nearly blows his fucking knee out.

Lesnar though, still doesn't give a fuck as he starts smiling at this experience and raises his arms in celebration.


Brock gets back into the ring and continues to celebrate lol and carries on to soak up the heat from the crowd. Lesnar gets back onto the steps and is gesturing to Cena to get back up.


Cena is again slowly getting back onto the ring apron. Lesnar again flies back off the ropes, off of the steps and again flings himself towards Cena.....................but this time he's met with Cena punching him right in the head.....................and Cena as that chain wrapped around his hand as he does it.

Brock's selling is wonderful here btw as he's grabbing the ropes and trying to make his way back to his feet.

One armed Cena is now feeling it and the crowd is fully behind him and is willing him on.

Lesnar is now BUSTED OPEN as Cena waits for him to get back to his feet. Just as he does, Cena hits him with a AA ONTO THE STEEL STEPS

Little Naitch is able to make the count now too.

1,2..........................................................3. CENA BEAT BROCK


More than a shitty ending to a fucking unique, brutal, special, one of a kind WWE match. Oh and no –




So where to start with this anomaly of a match. I guess i'll start with the glaring negative and that is the result. I'm pretty sure 99.9% of people would agree in saying that Brock should never have lost his first match back. I understand Cena had only just lost to The Rock and all that, but I don't care, they could have easily had Brock win and Cena would have recovered, still. It's such a deflating feeling after sitting through the most surreal WWE match in years that it's the one thing some people will remember, rather than all the work that went into the previous 20 minutes. It's something that happened and time hasn't made it look or feel any better TBH.

So that out of the way, we can talk about the multitude of positives that this match bought. First of all; Brock's performance after 8 years away was nothing short of incredible. I can't even say 'Monster heel', because he was so far beyond that in this match. He bought the UFC to the WWE in a perfect mash up of styles. He didn't just bully Cena, he brutalized him to such a degree that you didn't know what the fuck you were watching. It was a single performance that just hadn't been seen that your eyes were fully glued on Brock throughout.

His mannerisms, his strength, his style. It was astonishing. He didn't need to move at a million miles an hour to victimise Cena either, he just slowly made his way around the ring in such a calculating manner that you just didn't know what he was going to do next.

I'll give credit to Cena too, here. His selling was spot on, he made the best of the few hope spots he had in the match and he turned that crowd fully around into fully supporting him at the end. They were willing him on and wanting him to win. Credit to of course to Lesnar, who put in such a commanding heel performance that it made the crowd turn on him.

It was a match that we hadn't seen the likes of in a long time, a performance we hadn't seen the like of in a long time and haven't really seen since TBH. We didn't see much of actual 'wrestling' here, either. Hey, Lesnar only used two suplexes :brock4

Ending aside, it's an incredible piece of high drama that it belongs in a category of it's own.

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'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs Dude Love (WWF In Your House: Over The Edge) Review

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin vs Dude Love (WWF In Your House: Over The Edge)

I have always considered this match to be the match in this era that was the genesis of the brawling genre, before it would become overdone as the year and into '99 would become. There is of course a whole convoluted back-story to how this title match came about and who is to be involved.

They actually had a match at the prior In Your House: Unforgiven that I have very little memory of TBH. Foley beat funk and Goldust to get this title shot (YES VINCE, I CAN SAY TITLE SHOT :p) The kitchen sink is thrown at this match with who's involved. Patterson is the announcer, Brisco is the bell ringer and Vince McMahon is the referee. Vince reminds us that this can only end by his own hand.

A line of importance there to remember when watching the match

Also if Austin touched Vince, then we will have a new champion.

This is also the same building that christened “Austin 3:16” and where Mankind battled The Undertaker in that HIAC

First up, out come Patterson and Brisco and they go through some very thorough and funny introductions. I tried putting the video of these up on YT – BUT VINCE IMMEDIATELY TOOK IT FUCKING DOWN AGAIN

So, here it is on an alternative video site so peeps can watch them rather than me writing what they say down;

Got to take note of the cars down the isle as Brisco is making his way to the ring.

:lol Looks exactly like a car salesmen here, too. Well, he owned his own body shop at least.

Well, 10 minutes later and the challenger; (Corporate) Dude Love is first out. Grinning wildly as he's got all his teeth in for this match it seems. Crowd go wild as Patterson starts introducing Austin.

“He's a beer swilling fool”
“He's a loud mouth punk”
“He's a disgrace to every human being alive today”
“Well I got news for you...........I ain't going to introduce a bum”


Crowd go ape as the glass shatters and the champion, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN, finally makes his way out here.

Just as Vince goes to call for the bell to get this started.............................GONG goes off

“Business is about to pick up” - :proud Oh J.R, I miss thee.

Here comes the motherfucking UNDERTAKER.

He seems to be out here so Vince doesn't fuck about and officiates this match fairly. The bell FINALLY RINGS and this this is under way.

Collar and elbow tie up to start with and both go into the corner. Vince backs Austin off, and gets the old Stone Cold finger salute for his troubles. Quick headlock by Foley (Now, I don't really want to keep writing Dude or Love, or Dude Love, so I'm just going to say Foley :p). He takes Austin down with a shoulder barge and tries for a pin. Vince counts suspiciously fast here and Austin gets right in his face to ask “What the fuck was that?”.

I have just noticed Vince is wearing an earpiece microphone lol.

Foley again takes Austin down and goes for another pin, but gets a one this time. Austin whips him off the roped and stiffs him with a nasty looking elbow to the face and immediately gets him into a side headlock on the mat.

A “Vince is gay” chant starts in the crowd

Austin reverses an Irish whip into the ropes, kicks Foley in the gut and slams his head backwards right onto the mat.

Foley's teeth have fell out

Austin picks them and STAMPS ON THEM

How could you, Steve.

'Dude has lost his smile'

Foley starts kicking the shit out of Austin. He's got Austin in the corner and starts wailing at him with big right hands. He tries to whip Austin off the ropes, but it gets reversed and Austin hits him with a LOU THESZ press and punches the crap out of Foley. He follows this up by dumping Foley over the top rope and onto the outside via clothesline. Both on the outside now, as Austin nails Foley's head off the guardrail and tries to send him into the steps. Instead, Foley reverses this and it's Austin who takes the big bump into the steel steps.

Foley follows up on this by ramming Austin's head into the same steps, just as Taker is looking loomingly on. Vince is screaming at Austin, who is flat on the outside, to get back in the ring. Soon as he does, Foley hits him with a drop toe hold and gets a 2 count.
“LETS GO STONE COLD, LET'S GO” Crowd is obviously hot for Austin.

Austin is in the corner now as Foley starts choking him out with his boot and biting him in the damn head..............and all Vince can do is watch on. Foley whips Austin hard into the opposite turnbuckle. Foley fully in control now as he drops an elbow onto Austin and then slams his head into the turnbuckle. He sends Austin into another turnbuckle and runs straight at him and hits him hard with a running knee to the gut. Foley again goes for a pin, but Austin kicks out at 1.

Austin manages to reverse a whip into the ropes and hits Foley with a neckbreaker. He then gets up immediately and hits Foley with a series of clotheslines. He gets Foley into the corner and starts 'stomping a mudhole' in him with kicks to the gut. Austin tries to clothesline Foley again, but Foley ducks and puts Austin into the


Austin quickly gets out of it by sending Foley INTO the top rope

I'm sure Foley wants to keeps his ears here TBH.

He sets himself free and rolls to the outside. Austin follows him out and they briefly slug it out before Foley sends Austin flying over the announcers table

Patterson then gets on the mic and says “THIS IS A REMINDER; THIS IS A NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH”

Since when??? Vince up to his tricks here.

Foley starts choking the life out of Austin with some cable cord. Austin breaks free by running and sending Foley into the ring area and off a table. Austin just starts beating the shit out of Foley and ends up sending both of them over the guardrail and into the crowd.

Another hell of a bump by Foley.

Both back in the ring now and Austin is firmly in command as he starts choking Foley on the ropes.


Austin tries to hit Foley with a running jump into the ropes, but Foley moves and Austin ends up bouncing hard off the ropes. This should allow Foley some time to get his shit back together too. He gets up and baseball slides Austin outside of the ring. He then runs out the ring and hits Austin with his patented neckbreaker.

Vince goes to Patterson and Pat gets back on the mic



Foley gets an immediate 2 count on the outside on Austin. Austin is straight up and just as Foley is celebrating with a little jig, Austin runs over him like a freight train with a powerful clothesline. He runs again over to Foley, but Foley sends him over his head and


Foley then pins Austin on the car but only gets another 2 count. They trade a couple of punches and Foley runs at Austin, but this time it's Austin's turn to reveres it and sends Foley face first into a car

Even Patterson has come down to have a look lol. Taker is also still there of course, hovering over Vince to make sure he's counting these pin attempts properly. Both Austin and Foley are now on the roof of a car and Austin seemingly tries to go for a STUNNER, but Foley sends him flying onto the top of the next car

Another big bump by Austin.

Foley then does a SUNSET FLIP OFF THE HOOD OF A CAR and pins Austin......but can only get a 2 count again.

Foley then picks up some sort of steel pipe. He hits Austin with it, but immediately throws it away and instead rams Austin's head off the hood of the car.


Austin starts a comeback as he punches the shit out of Foley. He tries to piledrive Foley on the outside but Foley reverses and sends Austin over in a back flip. Another 2 count by Foley follows. He hits Austin with a quick snap suplex.

Man, Austin is taking some damn bumps here.

Foley then gets onto the roof a car and drops a flying elbow............but Austin manages to move out of the way

Austin then starts literally kicking the shit out of Foley all the way back to the ring. He sends Foley crashing hard into the steps. Both finally back into the ring now. Austin tries to bounce off the ropes, but Patterson catches his foot and stops him. This allows Foley to hit Austin with a clothesline and he starts hitting Austin in the head and into the open wound.

Foley takes off the turnbuckle padding and exposes the steel. He immediately rams Austin's head straight into it. Austin is just down, bloodies and beaten as he's slumped in the corner. Foley goes running over and nails him with a knee. Foley again rams Austin's head off the exposed steel. He puts Austin in a hold that brings back fond memories of Wrestlemania 13/Bret and all that

Memories, like the corners of my mind........oh sorry.

Vince is taunting Austin here, but Austin starts fighting his way back up. He gets out of it and launches at Foley with a quick flurry of right hands.....but Foley immediately whacks his head again off that exposed turnbuckle. He goes for a pin......1..........2................2.9


Vince is having a mini meltdown here as Foley asks Patterson to give him a steel chair. He nails Austin in the midriff with it and whacks hit hard off his back. He nails Austin with a double arm DDT right off the chair. This has to be it as Foley goes for another cover..1.2...................2.9


Austin is now up and in the corner as Foley comes running at him with the chair...........but Austin manages to get his feet up sends the chair flying off Foley's head

Finally, some rest bite for Austin and a chance for some revenge. He grabs the chair himself and starts psyching himself up, but he ends up being too over zealous with the chair and it ends up bouncing off the ropes and hits him plum in the face

This doesn't deter him though as he nails Foley in the head with the chair. He pins Foley


Austin goes over and screams at him to count. Just as he does that, Foley grabs the chair and tries to hit Austin with it, but Austin moves and the chair ends up off off Vince's noggin'

Austin immediately hits Foley with the STONE COLD STUNNER. Another ref comes down to count the pin/ 1.......2...........................PATTERSON GRABS THE REFS LEGS and pulls him out the ring. He nails the poor ref with a follow up punch lol. He could still throw a mean punch. By this time, Foley is up and puts Austin into the MANDABLE CLAW.

Austin's shoulders appear to be on the mat as Patterson takes it upon himself to count the pin. 1..........2....................UNDERTAKER GRABS PATTERSON and drags him out the ring.


Brisco then tries to count the pin, but is also pulled out the ring and


Back in the ring and Austin hits Foley


He covers Foley, grabs Vince's dead hand and makes the count with it.

No doubt about this one............1.........2........................3.

Austin finally retains.

Crowd go ape as Austin celebrates and has an eye to eye with Undertaker. Brisco/Vince/Pat are all dead of course.

THIS WAS FUCKING AWESOME AND I FUCKING MISS THIS SHIT. Seriously, it is still one of the most fun matches you could ever watch, from the outlandish announcements at the start, to the over top story of the match, to the final bell. This style of match would become very prevalent over the course of the A.E, but here it's fresh and is done to perfection. The overbooking of it was great, with the stooges and Taker being involved. Vince was wonderful around this time as a character and in this match, he continues that by stacking the odds against Austin and wanting you to will on Austin in every turn.

Austin himself deserves a lot of credit for taking all those bumps tbh, esp around this time of his career. He took his share on the outside onto the floor and on those ringside cars. I was never the biggest fan of the 'Dude Love' character, but I did like him as the 'corporate heel' here with Vince and co as it worked with the story and esp in this match.

Credit to Patterson/Brisco too for being very entertaining and taking those table bumps.

I fucking love this match and everyone should go and watch it NOW.